Ultra Sound Quilting machine

This ultra sound quilting machine was design to quilt materials, to be used to manufacture cloths, upholstery, car seats, medical stuff and others. It also be used for mattresses under some restrictions.

It does not use thread to get a strong and high quality quilt. It attached the different layers of material by using ultrasound technology.

It can be used with synthetic leather and reflective PVC.

The width of the machine depends on the application. It can be made in different widths. The maximum size is 3 meters wide.

The quilt design come in the main cylinder. In other words, it needs one cylinder per design.

It is fast and does not damage the elasticity of the product.

Easy to use and it does not need supplies such as thread, needles, glue, etc.


• It supports synthetic fibers and non-woven fabric.
• The pattern by the use of ultrasonic roller of persistent oscillation reaches quilting effect.
• Soft and wide materials, multi-layer of synthetic material, are attached with ultrasonic to complete the quilt
• The machine has a high production efficiency, without preheating before the operation, provided that the boot can be carried to the ultrasonic suture.
• Each roller has different design that allow to shape the padding, while replacing the roller easy to complete in a short time. A roller is required for each quilting design and type of material to be used.
• Ultrasonic weld head assemblies for sustained oscillation energy, so there are no punctures or seams, giving a flat appearance with the strength of suture results.
• Imported parts and supersonic vibrator output

Materials that can be used

– Jacquard fabric with no more tan 40% cotton.
– Non-woven fabric
– Synthetic leather
– Flexible foam (not 100% supported)
– Polyester fabric (not 100% supported)
– Felt

Technical information

Quilt area 2400mm / 3000mm
Maximum thickness of fabric 400g
Maximum quilt thickness 3cm (it must be configured in the roller)
Power 20KW
Power source 380V 50-60Hz 3p or 220V 60Hz 3p
Ultrasoun system 20KHz
Production speed 5~25M/min
Air pressure 6Kg/CM2
Weight 4000Kg
Machine Dimensions 5500 x3400 x2200(mm)
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