We offer a large range of Ribbons to be used with Tape Edge machines as well as Mattress Side decoration.

Our ribbons are made with detail and high quality controls, to ensure and guarantee the best  results, to comply the quality standards in USA and Europe.

Our ribbons for mattress tape edge, also known as a tape edge ribbon, is a type of ribbon or fabric strip that is used in the process of finishing the edges of a mattress. Mattresses are typically constructed with multiple layers of foam, springs, and other materials, and the edges need to be finished in a way that provides durability, support, and a clean appearance.

Here's how our ribbons for mattress tape edge are typically used:

  1. Securing the Mattress Edges: The ribbon is usually sewn along the perimeter edges of the mattress. It is stitched in place, wrapping around the edges, to provide reinforcement and stability to the mattress structure.

  2. Creating a Taped Edge: Once the ribbon is attached, it is often covered with a fabric tape that matches the mattress cover. This tape is sewn over the ribbon, creating a clean, finished edge that hides the raw edges of the mattress layers.

  3. Enhancing Durability: The ribbon and tape edge serve to reinforce the sides of the mattress, preventing the layers from shifting and providing additional support. This is particularly important for mattresses that are frequently turned or flipped.

  4. Aesthetic Purposes: In addition to functionality, the tape edge ribbon and fabric tape help improve the appearance of the mattress, giving it a polished and professional look.

Overall, the use of ribbons for mattress tape edge is a common technique in mattress manufacturing to ensure the longevity, stability, and visual appeal of the product. It is an important part of the finishing process in mattress production.


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