quilting-machine-94c-2500, Quilting machine for mattresses. The best sewing machine for quilting

Quilting Machine

This quilting machine is used to produce quilted fabrics and quilt stuff especially geared towards the manufacture of mattresses, pillows, quilts, bedding, upholstery and more. Fully computerized and easy to use, this the best sewing machine for quilting.

Machine Quilting Features

• New way to install or fabric’s color that is to be quilted
• Leaning design that makes the machine easier to use.
• Detects when thread is cut and stop the process.
• Uses air cylinder to cut the thread.
• Operated by high quality sealed bearings that requires no lubrication.
• A standup mechanism that better adjust pressure according to the thickness of material that is being used and stops or exits the process if necessary.
• New emergency mechanism to stop it
• Improved version of software padding that allows an accurate and stable.
• CAD system for designing padded handle, allowing users to create their own designs.
• The quilting sewing machine includes 100 to 300 of quilting designs.
• Error detected system • Compensation for quilting designs.

Technical Information

Max. wide of quilting: 2450
Rotation Speed: 600 -1200 rpm
Production Speed: 80 to 230 m / h
Needle size: 120/21, 140/22, 160/23, 180/24
Needle arrangement: (50.80 76.22 127) (76.2 76.2 152.4)
Maximum horizontal movement: 450mm Space between needles: 25.4mm Voltage: 380V / 220V 50Hz/60Hz Stitch: 2 – 7 mm Power: 7KW
Padding thickness: = <80mm

Size and total weight of machine

Length 5100mm x Width 1500mm x Height 2000mm
Weight: 4500 kg
It is recommended to add the Automatic Cutter Padded- MXSQ-94C-CN for greater speed and efficiency in production.

Warranty and Installation

One year warranty for any manufacturer problem. We can recommend authorized technicians from your country or near your country. We have English and Spanish Speaking engineers. The installation is not included in the price of the machine

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