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MX-9630A Acolchadora multi agujas 1
This multi needle quilting machine is used to produce quilted fabrics specially oriented to manufacture mattress pads, quilts, bedding, upholstery and more (See more information below, after this video).

Fully computerized and easy to use
With single stitching, before and after roller structure, processing precision without altering graphics
Needles placed on bars that avoid damaging the fabric
The main shaft, saddle and roller frequency conversion control device adopt servo drive equipment.
Computer controlled needle speed.
Sensors to detect the thread cut and stop the process automatically

Technical Information
Dimensions    5400*1600*2300
Max. quilting width   2450mm
Space between needle bars   50.8,76.2,127(5″)  76.2,76.2,152.4(6″)
Line of needle 3 lines
Space between needle 3”
X  displacement  360
Space between needles    25.4mm
Axis X displacement  305mm
Quilting thickness   ≤ 80mm
Production speed  60-230m/h
Type of needle  23#
Max. work speed   1200 rpm
Power    8kw
Voltage    380V/50Hz  220V/60Hz
Weight   5300kg

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