Where do you manufacture the machines and products?

How do you guarantee the quality of your machines?

How long take to get your machines?

Can you import the machine in my country?

Do you provide installation?

Do your work with leasing?

What is your warranty and how you manage the spare parts for your machines?

In what languages do you  provide service?

What countries have you sold?

Can you help to design a whole factory and provide installation?

Where you are located?

Do you provide manuals and other guides to install and operate your machines?

We manufacture the machines in China with high standards. We comply the EU and AS3000 rules, as well as we have a strong quality control to allow our equipment be sold in USA, Europe and Australia and any high request market.

The quality control is very important to us. We use electronic components from Europe, Korea and USA. We normally test the machine for few days, after that we disarm it and paint, then we have another quality control of painting, then we pack and control the loading process.

Normally the manufacturing process takes 25 days, some machines may like the Tape Edge takes shorter time, but more complex machine like the Automatic Sealing takes longer time. We can talk about the following average times:

Manufacturing process: 25 days
Quality control, painting and packing: 7 days
Transit from China to your country: 30 days

Usually we quote the product CIF (Cost, Insurance, & Freight), placed at the destination port, ready for the import process to be made by your Custom Broker. we cannot take care of the whole process if we are not located in your country. This is a normal procedure for export & Import businesses.
However, we can provide the whole service, and offer door to door shipping in the USA continental

We have some technicians that can provide installation services depend on the country. We can provide installation in South America with technicians located in Colombia. For USA we have some technician too and beside that, we have technician from China to travel anywhere to provide installations.
The price of the machine does not include the installation service, this has to be purchase separately

Yes we do. We have been operated with several banks with leasing. Normally our customers choose the bank to apply for the leasing, after that when the leasing is approved, the bank contact us and we manage the part of the leasing operation that has to be done from our side. This kind of operations are smooth and easy since our company has all documents required and years in business

We provide 1 year warranty for all our products. This warranty is for any part of the machine that can be defective or fail, except is the part was damaged due to negligence.
When that happen the customer contact us and after we check everything, we ship the spare part required by Currier such as DHL or other.
We use the same procedure for spare parts require, because of use or fatigue of materials.
We have all spare parts available for our machines, independently of the model and year manufacturing

We provide any service in English or Spanish

We have been sold our machines to several countries, such as USA, Australia, Spain, Colombia, Ecuador, Chile, Uruguay, Bolivia and more

Yes, we can help you to design the whole factory, according to your budget. We have different layout of factories, based in the desired production level and budget.
We have build the mattress whole factories from the scratch

We are located in USA and China

Yes, we have all the installation and operation manuals on our website, our customers can access there and read or download the manuals in English or Spanish. We also have layouts and schematics available to install the machines

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