MXAV-909E Carding fiber System

This machine can open different type of fiber, to be used to fill cushions, pillows.
It can separate the fiber and fill simultaneously, up to separation level of 98%

Type fiber:

Using the filler it can fill 2 cushion or pillow at the same time.

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Technical Information

MXAV-909-3 MXAV-909-4 MXAV-908E
Dimensions 1540*1000*1120mm 1840*1250*1120mm 1500*1100*1050mm
Conveyor  Size 800mm 1000mm
Power 4.75kw 6.25kw 2.2Kw
Production Speed 200/250KG/H 500/600KG/H 3-4 pcs/min
Machine Weight 800Kg 900Kg 200Kg
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