Cutter for Quilted fabric

The system operates on air, a pressure system, material-moving mechanism, and photoelectric verification.

It includes circular blades that can be adjust for different width and is controlled via PLC and operated with a touch screen.
The power varies from 90W to 200W and the speed varies from 350mm/s to 700mm/s. Specially designed to work with quilting machine model MXSQ-94C-2500.

This machine can cut quilted panels as well as mattress side and roll the material. Includes an infrared decoder for setting up the width of the quilted panel for a more precise cut. It’s stable, does not vibrate and makes little noise when functioning.

Technical Information

Table Length: 2000mm
Thickness: 3–80mm
Width: 100–2500mm
Speed: 7000mm/min
Voltage: 380V/220V 50Hz/60Hz
Power: 3kW
Air Pressure: 0.4–0.8mPa
Dimensions: 3750x2500x2100mm
Weight: 1500 Kg

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