This machine is used for steel spring manufacturing used in the making of spring mattresses. The machine includes a protective booth, which takes the wire with arms and manufactures the spring. Afterwards it is transported again for the tying of its ends and is sent to the exit to be assembled or stored. It supports various wire thicknesses for manufacturing springs with different densitiesm diameters and heights. The machine can be operated by only one person.

  • It’s programed digitally and controlled via PLC touch screen
  • It’s a cycle of production. The wire is coiled, tied on both ends and applied thermal treatment

Technical information

Type of spring Bonel
Production capacity 60 spring/min
Spring diameter 62 ~ 92mm
Wire thickness 1.8 ~ 2.4mm
Number of turns per spring 4 ~ 7mm
High of the spring 100 ~ 200mm
Machine weight 2730Kg
Power 380V/220V,50HZ/60HZ
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