This machine seal and packs the mattress automatically, not requiring more than one operator. The mattress is placed on a conveyor belt where an automatic bar fixes its position. This belt then drives it to the front sealing system, where upon entry, a system with an open plastic roll wraps around it, so that the system seals it frontally.

Moving to the second area, with side sealers, where compression is applied. The system adjusts to the width of the mattress (which in this case is the length since the mattress enters horizontally to use only one width of plastic).

This system allows the use of open plastics on 3 sides, of different thicknesses. Finally, the compressed mattress is expelled to the storage area, where it is ready for dispatch, obtaining a professional sealing level and excellent presentation.

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Technical Information

Mattress Width: 800mm – 2100mm
Mattress Length: 1800mm – 2100mm
Mattress Height: 100mm – 450mm
Production Speed: 2 pcs/min
Type of Plastic needed: ≤ 2700mm
Synchronized System: Yes
Adjustable Laminating System: Yes
Automatic Pressure System: Yes
Auto Position System: 2 Sets
Side Sealing and Cutting System: 2 Sets
Total Power: 16Kw



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