This machine packs the mattress automatically and doesn’t need more than one operator. The mattress is put on a conveyor belt in which its width and length are automatically calculated. After being transported to the second area, the mattress is wrapped in plastic. Afterwards, the system seals the back and the sides, permitting the use of open plastic of different thickness on three sides.

Finally, the mattress is taken to the storing area, where it is ready for dispatch, therefore obtaining a professional level of sealing and excellent presentation. This system seals mattresses and mats of different sizes quickly and efficiently. It is ideal for factories with a high level of productivity and quality in product presentation.

Technical Information

Packing Length: 800–2400mm
Packing Width: 1600–2100mm
Packing Height: 80–350mm
Work Speed: 1 pc/min
Air Pressure: 0,45mPa
Power: 16kW
Voltage: 220V 60Hz 3P

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