Cortadora de casata

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This machine is equipped with a wooden table that moves back and forth with a vacuum. It uses a photoelectric inductor and a programmable logic controller (PLC). It cuts high density foam blocks automatically allowing higher precision and efficiency.

Technical Information:

Cutting Block Size: Width 2100mm x Length 3000mm x Height 1200mm
Cutting Speed: 0~30M/MIN
Cutting Thickness: 2~150mm
Blade Size: 10160mm x 30mm x 045mm
Cuts High Density and Flexible Foam Blocks around 100 -200 Kg/m3
Total Power: 12.5KW
Automatic Pressure Roller
Machine Size: 7500*4500*2400mm
Parts: 3 blades, 4 grindstones, 1 set of maintenance tools.

The machine includes PLC and a control panel for automation, a touch screen may be included.

Total System Size:

Volume: 7500 x 4500mm x 2400mm –

Weight: 2200 Kg

Warranty Policy:

  1. All machines are examined and tested before being shipped and the client receives pictures of the packaging.
  2. Machine standard voltage: 380V, 50 Hz, 3P. Other voltage must be solicited.
  3. All machines are wrapped in cardboard and protected with wood sheets.
  4. All machines have a one-year warranty. Parts and pieces damaged by fabrication errors will be replaced with no extra charge. This excludes manipulation errors and accidents.
  5. Only FOB and CIF prices are quoted. Importing costs are the responsibility of the customer.
  6. The price does not include installation. We can recommend authorized technicians in the customer’s country or nearby who must be contacted directly by the customer.